Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation

It's vacation time! I took a much-needed break from routine and visited the Windmill Museum in Lubbock, Texas. Boy was it hot! It was worth it though. The outside part of the museum is free and is made up a couple of acres filled with all sorts of awe-inspiring windmills, including a spinning mill, like the ones from Don Quixote...
...and even a giant modern wind turbine that has a base as big around as my first college dorm room! The best part of the museum? A 1889 steam-powered tractor! I must have spent an hour investing all the wheels, gears, and mechanisms. Old things are always so much more beautiful and detailed than modern things. As a bonus, this particular tractor had a lovely pin-up girl holding a kitten painted on it-- especially cute because the tractor was a Kitten brand

Sooooo sunburned!
I felt inspired by the pretty country gal and couldn't resist posing like a pin-up myself! :) 

In addition to touring the museum, we went to the bead store and found some fun new baubles for my latest design: bullet bracelets! I'm super excited to get all the stuff we've been working on listed in the shop. I promise, promise, promise I'll get it all up by this Friday! 

- Liz

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