Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're open for Business!

Woot! A fresh blog for our new shop, Atomic Amelia on Etsy!
I'm combining my art and collecting expertise with my sister's, Amelia, fashion sense to create a funky little place full of retro vintage and cowgirl bullet jewelry-- quite an eccentric combo, but somehow perfect for the two of us. I hope you are as happy with it as we are.
Right now, I've gotten a few items up including some sassy (and really easy to make) bullet jewelry kits for sale as well as the first few pieces of our vintage collection:

I got the shop up and running just in time to make my first sale before Amelia's birthday! She's currently preparing for her geology finals at school, so that leaves me plenty of free time to fill the shop with some of my new bullet jewelry creations:

 Want your own pair? They're available here!

This is my first pair of earrings using a new bead-threading technique. I also decided to dig into my precious stash of drilled .22 shells for this design. The weathered bronze patina on some of them is just gorgeous and I selected a pair of magnum casings for this pair of  Little Miss Longshots. I'm going to be offering other colors soon, so check back!

<3 Liz

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